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Rebecca Bratspies

“Ever visit New York & wonder who Major Deegan was? Let's talk NYC history, law, sustainability, & environmental justice. Also comic books.”


About Me

Rebecca Bratspies is a longtime resident of Astoria Queens. When not geeking out about New York City history, she is a Professor at CUNY School of Law, where she is the founding director of the Center for Urban Environmental Reform. A scholar of environmental justice, and human rights, Rebecca has written scores of law review articles. Her most recent book is Naming New York: The Villains, Rogues and Heroes Behind New York Place Names. Her co-authored textbook Environmental Justice: Law Policy and Regulation is used in schools across the country. Bratspies is perhaps best known for her environmentally-themed comic books Mayah’s Lot, Bina’s Plant, and Troop’s Run, made in collaboration with artist Charlie LaGreca-Velasco. These award-winning comic books bring environmental literacy to a new generation of environmental leaders. Learn more at 

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Home Who Was Major Deegan Anyway?

In Naming Gotham, New York City history comes alive through the lives behind its urban infrastructure. Learn about environmental justice, racial justice, women's rights in NYC.

Center for Urban Environmental Reform

Promoting Environmental Democracy and Citizen Participation

Profile artwork for Rebecca Bratspies
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