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Randi Roberts

“If you want to love your work (again) Randi can help you find what fits and be confident going after it, so you are truly fulfilled.”


About Me

Randi Roberts, MBA, PCC, is the President of Corlin Roberts Coaching, LLC and founder of the Fulfilling Career, Happy Life community.  

Randi is a Career-Life Coach, helping people love their work as they achieve their career goals.  

She has seen too many people develop solid career plans, put in tremendous effort over many years at significant sacrifice, then achieve their goal only to find that it may not be as satisfying as they hoped. The work her clients do with Randi allows them to explore new possibilities, assess their framework against who they are and want to be, and find what truly fits. 

Before becoming a certified coach, Randi had a very successful 30+ year career as a Pharmaceutical Executive, working for both large companies and a small start-up. She has also run two of her own businesses. She skillfully combines significant business leadership experience with exceptional coaching skills to help her clients love their work as they achieve their goals.

When she’s not working you can find Randi recharging her batteries by spending time outdoors, practicing yoga, reading or catching up with friends. At heart Randi’s a hippie with an Ivy League education. She’s earned a BA in Sociology from San Diego State University, and an MBA from The Wharton School of Business. She;s now an Executive and Career-Life Coach, certified by The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and accredited by the International Coach Federation.

You can find more information about Randi and contact her at

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Profile artwork for Randi Roberts
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