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Ram Chaitanya

“Ex-Google working to make shopping at Amazon better - Founder of Eco-wiser, an eco-friendly shopping assistant for sustainable products.”


About Me

A lazy but conscious consumer? I have the perfect solution for you. Versatile experience coupled with a gumption to heal the world describe my outlook to life. 

Everyone has once in their lifetime ordered on Amazon, but they could have made a better choice while browsing through the products, and that would have saved the world.

I am Ram Chaitanya, the founder of Eco-wiser, your personal shopping buddy. This shopping buddy was conceived to assist you by giving advice, tips and alternatives for greener and sustainable products. After having worked at Google for 5+ years, I recognized my calling. INSEAD MBA, CFA and Organic farming, ever heard these in one profile? My purpose was redefined as working towards a sustainable future. Hesitation and risk of failure didn’t stop me. I took an exit from my corporate career. It’s easier said than done, but I have done it and I have no regrets. After quitting my job, I went on to explore the field of renewable energy and even worked in organic farming.

However, I want to do something greater and more impactful than organic farming, something that would make it easier for everyone to contribute towards the SDGs, and that is when Eco-wiser was born.

Content and satisfaction derived from working on something that’s your own is unbeatable, and more so when it is towards contributing to the environment. I deeply care about the sustainable development goals and I strongly believe that action should be initiated by every individual, otherwise it would be a matter of concern. I work towards the environment with an intense level of enthusiasm because I have realized its importance.

Exploration for improvement should never end, and my journey is a stimulating story, which I would love to connect and share. 

Contact me and let’s inspire more people to steer their efforts towards what they care about. 

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Profile artwork for Ram Chaitanya
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