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Raj Khedun

“Keep Fit Kingdom is on a mission to help a billion people reach 100 years of age, happily and healthily!”


About Me

Hi! My name is Raj Khedun.

I am the managing director of health and wellness company: Keep Fit Kingdom.

Our blog has over 1,500 articles published in the areas of health, fitness, yoga, nutrition, healthy recipes and motivation.

In addition to being a published author of a Top 10 category book "How Squats Can Change Your Life", I also have 12 years of relationship, performance, and mentoring coaching.

With my team, we have developed little known methods that work to profoundly transform and improve a person's life in the areas of health, fitness, overcoming addictions (overeating, smoking, etc) WITHOUT prescription medication, side effects and the anxiety that often accompanies conventional advice.

I am energetic, positive, lively and easy to get along with.

I look forward to be hosted on a suitable podcast soon!

Thank you,


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