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Rafael Hidalgo

“Ultra runner who discovered that the soul is stronger than the mind and the body; happiness is the constant movement towards a valued goal.”


About Me

I wanted to teach my children valuable life lessons through the completion of a 100 mile race, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc: the superbowl of Ultra running. I learned more about myself and life during this journey than anything else. Lessons applicable to life and business. The value of purpose and goals. That becoming is more important than being. Setting off on a pilgrimage is what grows us. Self imposing challenges is what catalyses the expression of the potential we have encapsulated in our DNA.

We are all naturally lazy and want the easy path in life. That little voice follows me as well each day. The objective is to be stronger than that voice finding the energy infused by a higher purpose. One that drives us beyond we think possible.

As a full time father, husband and employee I set myself on this odyssey to better understand what drives us and how we can become driven. A philosophical approach to a physical ordeal.

I believe that I can give hope to people. Life is difficult but we need to build a shell through self imposed challenges, stepping out of our comfort zone.

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Profile artwork for Rafael Hidalgo
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