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Rachel Citak

“Attorney at Law, Advocate at Heart.”


About Me

Rachel R. Citak operates her own Ohio-based legal practice that engages in litigation and public relations advocacy with an emphasis on Civil Rights and Constitutional Law in employment law, public education, free speech, and religious liberty. Her work includes opposing discrimination while working with a diverse client base, including doctors and healthcare professionals, teachers, public school students, government employees, non-profit organizations, and university students across the state of Ohio.

Her advocacy and public relations work has included appearances on radio and televised news media, university campus engagement, testimony at the Ohio Statehouse, and penning high profile op-eds in the Columbus Dispatch as well as the Cincinnati Enquirer, where she currently serves on the Board of Contributors. She is a prominent activist as part of the black pro-life movement, and serves on the Cincinnati Right to Life board. She also serves on the board for national organizations Stand With Cops and the National School Board Leadership Council.

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Profile artwork for Rachel Citak
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