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Platt Robertson

“Crafting Conversations: Home Brewer & Mixologist, Featured on Discovery's Master Distiller. Let's Stir Up Your Podcast!”


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🍻 Mixing spirits and stories with a dash of Vegas flair! 🎰 With nearly two decades behind the bar in Las Vegas and a passion for crafting exceptional brews, I bring a unique blend of expertise to the table. As a Cicerone Certified Beer Server and a USBG Spirits Professional, I've honed my skills to elevate every sip. My journey has led me from pouring pints to the spotlight of Discovery's Master Distiller, where I share my craft on a national stage. With over 43,000 YouTube followers, I've cultivated a community around my love for all things booze-related. As a proud member of the American Homebrewers Association, I'm always exploring new flavors and techniques to bring to the table. Let's raise a glass and dive into the art of brewing and mixology together! 🍹🎙️

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Welcome fellow drinkers The Platt R Channel The Channel “I’m a Las Vegas bartender, homebrewer, and all around booze hound.” – Platt Robertson Classic Content Simplest way to make Booze at Home This is my very first video and by far the most popular. I teach you how to make wine easy. video Platt’s Drinking … Home Read More »

Platt R.

I am a Las Vegas bartender, home-brewer, and all around booze hound. I want to take you along on my journey through the wonderful world of alcoholic beverages. Instagram: plattrobertson Twitter: @plattsboozeblog Website:

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