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Peter Rosch

“An award-winning writer and recovering addict whose decades in advertising, music, and film introduced him to more than a few bad habits.”


About Me

I'm currently promoting my third novel, Future Skinny.

“I’m a recovering addict and alcoholic whose story, before and after sobriety, includes bouts of disordered eating. Control. This is the shared DNA of all my demons. And there’s nothing easier to affect than your body. America’s relationship with food has always been complex, our celebration of thinness no less so, even as we collectively expand. Like my first novel, My Dead Friend Sarah, which tackled substance abuse and the trials of early recovery, Future Skinny is a work of addiction-fiction, a psychological-thriller that I hope will resonate with those who know (or even just suspect) they’ve control issues that need addressing.”

The long story behind the book is an interesting one. The journey is relatable, I find.

In general, I'm a massive promoter of what I'd call epic sobriety. I've been a live radio guest, have been interviewed in papers and magazines, typically to promote a book, but can speak to a whole host of topics around advertising, sobriety, fatherhood, travel, and more. I'm a natural story teller, conversationalist, and avid listener and reader of all things.

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