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Pedro Luis Gonzalez-Sanz

“I help Professionals and Executives Overcome their Health and Life Obstacles With a new Physiology and Mindset Through Precision Medicine”


About Me

After many years of pursuing success and building different enterprises, I realized how I had given up my self-care on behalf of hard work and success. I realized I was living through others’ expectations and finally changed my mindset about what it means to be successful. Then I had the motivation and positivism to fix my health problems.

I am a certified specialist in Preventive Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine practitioner using genetics to diagnose the imbalances in the body at the physiologic level. Together with this, I evaluate the mindset and coach my user to accept the need for self-care and compassion. To do this, training in vagal tone and heart rate variability enhancers like meditation, breathwork, physical activity, and conscient eating behavior is needed.

I am a passionate chef, culinary medicine certified, LGBT father of twins, and belonging to a big Mediterranean-style family, so I can explain many of the assets that make us some of the healthier and long lives humans. I also manage exclusive retreats in Ibiza, a chick island in the Mediterranean, and Cape Town in South Africa.

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Profile artwork for Pedro Luis Gonzalez-Sanz
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