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Paul Tozour

“I'm a 25+ year game industry veteran soon to publish a book on leadership. I'm also a longevity hacker who was genetically modified twice.”


About Me

Leadership and game development

I'm a former game developer and 25+ year game industry veteran soon to publish a book on leadership in the game industry: "The Four Swords: A Parable of Leadership, Video Games, and Dead Dragons."

Longevity biohacking

I'm currently a dedicated longevity biohacker, and have been described by Olympian Stephen McCain as "The World's Most Interesting Biohacker."

I hold the unique distinction of having been genetically modified twice (BioViva's hTRT therapy and Minicircle's follistatin plasmid therapy), and regularly get regenerative plasma exchange treatments and stay on top of the current trends in the longevity space.

I have also appeared on Carl Lanore's Superhuman Radio podcast, where I spoke about my massive improvements in body composition with the ARX Omni, as well as regenerative plasma exchange treatments.

Professional Bio

Paul Tozour is the owner and General Manager of Mothership Entertainment, creators of Aven Colony for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. He has worked in a wide range of design, production, programming, and technical design roles across the industry since 1994, including Retro Studios / Nintendo, where he worked on two of the games in the Metroid Prime series, as well as Microsoft, Intel, Gas Powered Games, Intelligence Engine Design Systems, and Brøderbund Software.

Paul holds a Master’s of Science in Engineering from the Executive Master’s in Technology Management (EMTM) program at the University of Pennsylvania, a degree program co-sponsored by the Wharton School of Business.

Paul is passionate about applying modern management science to video game development culture, and upgrading the state of the art in game industry leadership.

Paul also initiated and led the Game Outcomes Project study in 2014-15, a highly-acclaimed industry / academic partnership that evaluated the link between game development studio culture and project outcomes. The results were published on Gamasutra, and you can also follow the Game Outcomes Project on Twitter.

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Profile artwork for Paul Tozour
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