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Paul Thornton

“My mission is to help parents, teachers, coaches, and team leaders become more effective managers and leaders.”


About Me

For the past 40 years, I have been a student and teacher of management and leadership concepts.

As a student, I conducted interviews and experiments, observed people in various management and leadership roles, and have read widely on the subject. I also learned on the job lessons about managing and leading as a college hockey coach, professor, manager-human resources, executive coach, and parent.   

As a teacher, I have written articles (over 100) and 18 books, conducted college classes and seminars, presented speeches, participated in podcasts, and done executive coaching.  

My latest books include Leadership Styles, The Leadership Process, and Is Your Organization Aligned?

I am comfortable discussing these topics.

---Leadership Styles--Directing, Discussing, and Delegating

---The Leadership Process--1. Diagnose the current situation, 2. Identify opportunities to improve, 3. Prepare and present your message, 4. Create Plan and implement

---Management topics--establishing goals and plans, monitoring progress, coaching and providing feedback, rewarding and recognizing people, and conducting performance appraisals.

--Leadership topics--creating a vision, influencing and inspiring people, making effective presentations, and implementing change.

--Managing stress and dealing with difficult personalities

I studied management, psychology, and political science at Ohio University. I was fortunate to have taken courses taught by Dr. Paul Hersey and Dr. Ken Blanchard. Their courses ignited my interest in learning all I could about what the best leaders and managers do to help people and organizations perform at their best.  

I continued my education and earned master’s degrees in business (M.B.A.) and education (M.Ed.).

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Profile artwork for Paul Thornton
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