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Paul Reeves

“World class interviewer from "Dr. Paul's Family Talk" - more of a conversation than an interview! You will sound great with us!”


About Me

After hosting talk and interview shows for over 20 years on terrestrial radio in Detroit, and now even more on Internet radio, while gaining listeners and popularity along the way, Paul knows what it takes to make YOU look good! You will be given plenty of time and space to tell your story on "Dr. Paul's Family Talk" radio show.

After earning four degrees, including his Doctorate, and winning many awards during his careers in education and music, all of his attention is now put toward the radio shows, radio station, composing, writing, and consulting.

From our professional studio, we will record the interview with you through Zencastr at no charge to you; professionally edit the interview to eliminate any extraneous or background noise; and we will make you sound GREAT with the final product!


  • Up to an hour of research, preparation, and note taking PRIOR to your interview
  • The recorded interview
  • Up to to two hours of editing, post production, advertising, and marketing
  • A link to your specific interview to post everywhere!
  • Placement on "Dr. Paul's Family Talk" Radio Show
  • Placement on Our Podcast Page
  • Posting on Our Facebook Page
  • 30+ years of experience with interviewing people from all over the world, and on a wide variety of topics
  • In short, we will spoil you on "Dr. Paul's Family Talk" radio show on Impact Radio USA!
  • All recorded and produced in a professional studio setting
  • Consideration for more exposure on "Interviews and More"
  • If you topic is in some manner related to children, families, schools, etc., your interview will also be considered for placement on "Parenting 101 Plus"


  • That you post your upcoming appearance on "Dr. Pauls' Family Talk" radio show prior to your airing date
  • That you share the link to your standalone interview with the world on your social media and/or website(s)

Have you "been there and done it"; have you achieved success in your chosen field, topic, or endeavor; and are you spreading the word to help others? If so, we want YOU on "Dr. Paul's Family Talk" radio show!

And, remember .... we are a fully operational professional radio studio, complete with 24/7 programming; podcast production for others; creating, editing, and posting books for Audible and other services; and state-of-the-art recording and producing equipment. Join us, and we will make you sound great to the world!


From Paul: As a leader who garnered standardized testing increases of over 400%, redesigned budgets and resources to maximize output, wrote legal briefs for winning lawsuits, increased sales, while also working as an educator, professional musician, composer, amateur athlete, author, radio host, dad, and motivational speaker, I will carry on a terrific conversation with you to enhance YOUR show, and to educate and entertain your listeners.

I will also promote your show, and I will offer you a spot of my show, too. Thank you!

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Profile artwork for Paul Reeves
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