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Patricia Smith Griffin

“Historian, Genealogist & Legacy Building Expert who teaches families how to preserve and maintain their legacies for future generations.”


About Me

PATRICIA SMITH GRIFFIN is a historian, genealogist, motivational speaker and the founder of Charity’s Children Project, Inc., a non-profit organization committed to preserving the inspiring heritage of early Ohio settlers, John Isaac Davis and his daughter, Charity Davis Caesar Broady who was of African and Ani'-Yun'wiya (Cherokee) descent. A family in the first free state since its inception, the organization represents 12 generations (and counting) in the Miami Valley of Dayton, Ohio since 1803/1804. This fall, Mrs. Broady will be an inductee on the Dayton Walk of Fame.  

Patricia also serves as Executive Producer, Writer and Narrator on The Legacy of Charity’s Children, a short story podcast series that chronicles the life of early Ohio settler Mrs. Broady and generations of her descendants. As a 4th great-granddaughter of Mrs. Broady, Patricia is committed to teaching others about the importance of how to maintain a family’s legacy through records, archives, and oral history. She was recently featured in The Art Show's "National Votes for Women Trail" documentary where she discussed her great-grandmother, the renowned Jewelia Galloway Higgins and the role she played in advancing the Women's Suffrage Movement. Patricia has also been featured by NBC, iHeartRadio, Dayton Daily News, The Columbus Dispatch and various podcast shows across the country.

Topic Ideas

  1. Preserving Your Family History: Five Tips for Tapping Into an Inspiring Legacy
  2. Uncovering Your Legacy: Why Genealogy Matters
  3. Tapping Into Your Ancestral Superpowers: How to Maximize Your Greatness
  4. Charity Davis Ceasar Broady: The Midwest's Powerful Matriarch
  5. Myths of the Long-Suffering Slave: Stories of Resilience From the Underground Railroad
  6. De-mystifying Black Slave Trauma: Exposing the Myths 
  7. Why Black History is More Than Just a Month
  8. Preserving Women's Rights: Then and Now

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Profile artwork for Patricia Smith Griffin
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