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Patricia Horton

“The Practical Seerer Patty Horton is a Medium Mentor & Teacher who educates the Spiritually Curious to tap into their Divine Intuitive Spark”


About Me

My name is Patricia "Patty" Horton, I am a Medium, Trance Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Mentor.

Feel free to book me so I can share my years of Spirit Contact with your audience!!!!

It was from my earliest memory as an 8-year-old girl, that awakened the spark of curiosity within me. Today, I help to educate the spiritually curious from a place of experience. I teach people how to connect with their own intuition and guide them to explore their own divine spark. This is where I introduce my students to the language of the soul.

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I read from a channeled perspective and I teach from a place of experience. My passion for this work is evident to those who sit before me for a reading or within the walls of my classroom. It is from this place of understanding where you will see how I will validate your life in more ways than one. I do not work alone and it is with the help of my Spirit Council where I am able to gather information, that will serve the highest good of the sitter. Mediumship is a team effort and where two worlds collide for the benefit of all.

Allow me to share my perspective on the pathway towards enlightenment.....

Check out my Brand New Release I Am The Light; The Wisdom of Jesus in the 21st Century.

This is a book of channeled wisdom and where the teachings of Christ, when applied to our everyday lives can show us the way. It is filled with teachable moments and where Peace, Love, Prayer, and Faith become the stepping stones towards that oneness with God.

One of the most Insightful Mediums and Spiritual Teachers of our day, my 39 years of experience is the platform on which I stand.

I look forward to sharing my years of experience with your audience as I guide them down what I refer to as the simple path towards enlightenment.

Let's Connect and Ignite the Light!!!!

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Inner Eye Connections with Medium Patricia Horton

Inner Eye Connections with Medium Patricia Horton. 1,671 likes · 6 talking about this. I Educate the Spiritually Curious, I help them to understand the language of their own Intuition. I

Uniqueness upon the Path.....

We are each Unique, Individual points of Light that are Amplified in a World of many.....Find your own place upon the path and let it Shine!!!!!

Inner Eye Connections

Educating the Spiritually Curious, and helping people to understand the language of their own Intuition.

Profile artwork for Patricia Horton
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