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Paint Fremmerlid

“ex-meme, spoken word poet & mad witch. creating my own way of life while juggling spirituality, mental illness & disablity. (He/They)”


About Me

I'm currently fundraising for a single mastectomy for my top surgery as it won't be covered by healthcare for being "too unusual". I'm a big believer in freedom when it comes to our own bodies and making gender what we want it to be.

In 2016 I was in a meme used by the alt-right to make fun of nonbinary people, I still appear sometimes in videos with upwards of 3 million views but barely anyone knows my story.

I have had to fight to be diagnosed as autistic as an adult and deal with severe PTSD from witnessing abuse and surviving a near death experience in a domestic sexual assault. I strongly believe that we should invest in people and support them to become their best selves without them needing to prove or justify their needs to help prevent others from going through the types of trauma I have faced.

I lost my ability to write long form due to my assault and did spoken word poetry for a while to help myself survive, competing locally and nationally. More recently I have created my own Tarot Deck, the Patella Tarot, based on my experiences to help with my healing process and to manifest change in the world. Every creative thing I do is a step forward in the greater process of healing.

I have a mostly completed undergrad in Disability Studies and survived a psychosis in my early twenties.

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Profile artwork for Paint Fremmerlid
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