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Owen Campbell, DPT

“Board Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy treating athletes and general population for 13 years. Funny, witty and smart.”


About Me

I hold a board certification meaning I’m in the top 5% of PTs in the country for orthopedics. I’ll be able to provide insight on recent injuries for sports/celebrities, as well as discuss the injury and recovery process for any population of listeners with orthopedic injuries. I’m also an entrepreneur with my own clinic and I’ve run clinics and regions for some of the top physical therapy companies in the country.

if you have me as a guest I would be a great addition to a conversation. I am constantly relating to people of all demographics in my clinic. I have a strong skill for analogy and conversational pacing. While I may not be a marquee name that will bring listeners to your podcast in the title line, I will be able to keep them listening and hopefully turn them into subs.

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