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Otisa Eads

“I believe in fusing love, joy, and fun in all that you do! Alignment is key to success both professionally and personally.”


About Me

Otisa Eads is an HR & Systems Strategist Consultant to help established business owners create systems that optimize their business for growth and expansion. In addition, Otisa loves creating strategies with start-ups, entrepreneurs, or business owners who want to expand their choices with new aligned and effective solutions to the problems in their business. In her HR expertise, she specializes in creating recruitment strategies, on-boarding systems, and management training. Otisa is passionate about organizational culture and DEIJ when she is working with clients and speaking at events.


But when I am not working with clients, I am going to concerts and checking out new music. Music is a huge passion of mine! Also, TV/Films have been another guilty pleasure of mine (especially since 2020) and I love nerding out when it comes to fantasy TV shows like Legacies, Riverdale, Shadow & Bone, and plenty more.

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Profile artwork for Otisa Eads
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