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Nina Bouzamondo

“Founder and CEO of Pre-Health Shadowing, a non-profit organization focused on making opportunities accessible to Pre-Health students”


About Me

Nina Bouzamondo-Bernstein is the founder and CEO of Pre-Health Shadowing, a student-led non-profit organization working to fight inequity in health education and promote diversity in the various healthcare fields.

Created in response to the COVID pandemic's disruption of pre-health students' educational paths, Pre-Health Shadowing was built to offer flexible and accessible learning opportunities to healthcare students worldwide. The program has recently celebrated a significant milestone of impacting over 54,000 students globally and hosting 181 shadowing sessions.

With an extensive background in healthcare and education, Nina has dedicated herself to making a difference in students' lives. She once said, "Our goal is to help students overcome systemic barriers and achieve their dreams in the healthcare field."

Pre-Health Shadowing is helping develop the next generation of healthcare professionals and collaborates with Ramsha Essa and Mirza Baig, who are working to publish a book about the pandemic’s impact on healthcare providers.

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Home - Virtual Pre-Health Shadowing

Join us online for pre-health virtual shadowing sessions. Volunteer opportunities for pre-health and other students.

Pre-Health Shadowing

A new student-led organization focused on making shadowing opportunities readily accessible to Pre-Health students via an online platform during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Profile artwork for Nina Bouzamondo
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