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Nicole Vernarec

“Story-First Creator, Writer & Actress | Visionary of Indie Series “Rumors””


About Me

Nicole Vernarec is an acclaimed story-first content creator and actress, best known for her visionary work on the series “Rumors.” With a passion for authentic storytelling and a keen eye for character-driven narratives, Nicole hopes to make a significant impact in the film industry.

Her series “Rumors,” available on YouTube, Tubi, and Amazon Prime, delves into the complexities of modern relationships and societal pressures, resonating deeply with a diverse audience. As both a creator and actress, Nicole brings a unique perspective to her projects, seamlessly blending her creative talents to produce compelling content.

Nicole is classically trained in dance and musical theater, bringing a rich background in performance arts to her work. She also has a deep passion for television, which continuously inspires her to explore innovative ways to tell meaningful stories.

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Profile artwork for Nicole Vernarec
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