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Nicky P

“Marketing means Relationships. Institutions are losing trust and learning this the hard way. Nothing but good news for the little guy there!”


About Me

I'm Nicky P. I currently host the Iron Age Marketing Podcast solo, and the Road To Hell Film Reviews podcast with my Utopian History expert friend, Danny McCarthy.

In general, I like the weird and liminal. The one-offs.

I founded Iron Age Marketing in an effort to help build the brands of small creators and help them connect with their tribes. This means building relationships. As with all relationships, you want to ensure you're attracting the right people and living up to your end of the bargain when delivering.

I have previously co-hosted: Misfit Family, Sounds Like Liberty, Free Markets Green Earth, The Introvert Musician, Anarchy In Space, Year-Round Tree & This Week In Liberpods. I also regularly show up on the Punk Rock Libertarians and occasionally on The Mad Ones podcasts.

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Profile artwork for Nicky P
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