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Nick Koziol

“That Sounds Terrific - talks about positive impact in the communities! That Sounds Terrifying - Discovering and Discussing the Paranormal”


About Me

Host of That Sounds Terrific Podcast -

"That Sounds Terrific" celebrates the great work that leaders are doing to create, build, and influence a more positive and supportive community. Nick highlights different leaders/organizations and features the great work that they are doing. Leaders that are using their influence and talents to positively impact the community. Guests will share their expertise, what makes them successful, and why they do what they do. Listen for tips on how you can utilize their methods to gain momentum in the work that you do while making a Terrific Impact in your community!

Co-Host of That Sounds Terrifying -

That Sounds Terrifying is a podcast for people interested in the paranormal. Whether it’s hearing scary stories, sharing odd happenings, or even hearing different ideologies on such things.

Join Jess and Nick to talk about how the world is much stranger than it seems and explore the unknown which can be, well… terrifying.

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Tst Podcast | That Sounds Terrific Productions | United States

That Sounds Terrific Productions is the home of the TST Podcast. Join Host, Nick Koziol, as he interviews leaders and shares the impacts that are making in the community. Connect with Nick Koziol for professional coaching, social media, and personal branding consultation.

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Profile artwork for Nick Koziol
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