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Nicholas Capone

“Actor - Executive Producer - Entrepreneur - Film Finance Expert - I offer a fresh, new perspective on the world independent filmmaking”


About Me

I have 15 years worth of experience in the film industry, originally getting my start in sales. I've sold cars, real estate, and anything else you could think to sell. It's given me a very data driven approach to making movies, and I am on a journey to bring the world of film finance into a more mainstream way of investing!

I also own two companies along with my business partner. Mixed Slate Productions is a film finance company that produces movies in the $1M - $5M range. The other company is called MMNC Property Group, and it is a full service virtual real estate management company, operating in 3 states.

What value can I bring to your audience?

I can offer your audience professional opinions and insights on the film and television industry, along with education on how the industry operates. I've developed techniques and practices that are used by many other companies, not just my own, because they're wildly effective and they get great results! My ideas are not theory, they're professional opinions formed by someone who is an active member of the industry!

Do I have any crazy Hollywood stories?

Yes, and if we have to resort to talking about it, I'm down.

What are my goals for an appearance?

  • Being a podcast guest is one of the ways we find private equity investors and people that are interested in investing in film!
  • I also do it to educate young filmmakers so that they can begin to think realistically about their careers and their futures in the industry.
  • Many people don't even think of film as something they CAN invest in. There are conservative investments, risky investments, and many people don't do it because they don't understand it. I have a personal mission to bring this into the mainstream so that more independent companies can secure financing and allow the audience to begin deciding what they want to watch again!
  • I do it because it's fun! I'm a people person, I love to joke around, I love to laugh, and if I can make your viewers smile in the process, it would all be worth it!

I can't wait to meet you and have a conversation! Let's make podcast GOLD!!

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Executive Producer / Entrepreneur

Profile artwork for Nicholas Capone
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