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Neda Aria

“Transgressive author challenging societal norms and taboos surrounding womanhood and sexual liberation”


About Me

Neda Aria is a transgressive fiction author celebrated for her innovative exploration of human behavior and obsession, seamlessly weaving science fiction and romance elements into her narratives. With a diverse academic background, including a Ph.D., Aria draws inspiration from a wide range of literary giants, from Philip K. Dick to Franz Kafka, to craft stories that delve deep into human behavior and societal norms. Her works, such as "ENARO," "Feminomaniacs," "Machinocracy," and recently contemporary transgressive romance under pseudonym 'Lilith Wilde' - with novel Bella Donna. All highlight her unique approach to storytelling, blending various literary traditions. Beyond writing, Aria extends her influence through mentoring, designing book covers, and creating book trailers, championing transgressive writing to challenge societal expectations and empower voices often left unheard, especially within the context of her Iranian heritage and the global patriarchal landscape

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Profile artwork for Neda Aria
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