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Nathan Bruha

“Longtime D&D DM, player, & content maker (The Amethyst Dragon). Also a general interest geek (scifi, science, TV/movies, politics, etc.).”


About Me

My name is Nathan, though online I am more widely recognized as The Amethyst Dragon, a name I've been using and creating under since 1996.

I have more than 30 years of experience with Dungeons & Dragons, from the 2nd edition up through the current 5e version of the game. I run weekly games with fun players (where I improvise most of each session) and get some playing time in myself.

I have created content for the game since the beginning, have well over 1,300 things I've made for 5e, and I'm currently creating a full-featured 5e sourcebook that I plan on publishing in 2024.

A lot of the content I create brings a humorous side to D&D.

In addition to D&D, I'm what I call a general interest geek. I'm curious about almost everything. I have enjoyed a great deal of entertainment over the years. I am a fan of many things but am not obsessed with any in particular (which makes me a target audience of properties like Star Wars and Marvel movies). I'm an amateur baker and gardener. I have a continual interest in science and history.

I am a parent with a spouse and four offspring, which brings its own challenges and learning experiences.

I am a supporter of the various LGBTQ+ communities, native communities, POC, and others that just deserve a chance at being happy in life.

I have no problem talking to people I don't know.

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Profile artwork for Nathan Bruha
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