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Natalie Katona

“I am the host of the podcast To All the Men I've Tolerated Before. It is a weekly look at everyday misogyny! Its a lifestyle and comedy show”


About Me

I have been hosting To All the Men I've Tolerated Before since 2021. It started as a podcast that was a friend and I discussing our previous relationships and what had occurred that we had to tolerate. I have no expanded past my personal relationships to open it up to guests to share what it is about living in a Patriarchal society that we have to tolerate.

I have collaborated on many shows like Fixing Famous People, Pop Culture Makes Me Jealous, and more! I am a movie/tv/pop culture lover and one of my specialties is tying in how our media reflects where we are as a society when it comes to misogynistic norms.

I have also produced a new bonus show through my Patreon. The Misogyny Meltdown is a late night formatted comedy show. Each show features aspects that you would see on your favorite late night shows. I have an opening monologue, a few sketches/games/segments, and we end with an interview on a specific topic. We have covered love, women's history, gaslighting, and more with a special comedic twist.

I also have six years of elementary school teaching experience

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Profile artwork for Natalie Katona
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