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Nanette Murphy

“I coach women divorcing after decades of marriage. Helping them prepare for and go through the process, and then "what's next."”


About Me

I am the mother of 3 adult children. I was married to their father for nearly 25 years. Together over 30 years. I remarried in 2019. Re-marrying was never on my radar. The breakdown of my marriage shattered my world and that of my children. As the healing begun I realized that healing is an active process and thet the divorce process was challenging . In 2020, insteadof just focusing of food and Netflix I decided to begin making sure my self-care was a priority and then began my journey of on-line classes. Becoming and certified life and health coach, writing my first book and beginning my coaching practice. It all led me to new opportunities, meeting new people and then ultimatey focusing on becoming a Divorce & Health Coach for women divorcing after decades of marriage. I have discovered that a divorce coach would have benefitted me greatly. I didn't know there was such a profession. I aim to help women prepare for divorce, go through the process and then discover their "Whats Next, after divorce".

It is my passion and my purpose to reach the women going through what I went through. Helping the gain insight on how to prepare properly for divorce. Supporting them and helping them realize that they will survive this and most important they will thrive as they embark on their new life.

In conversation and will assure the woman who is contemplating or already preparing for divorce that I can advise,support, guide and recommend the steps they should take moving forward.

After so many years of marriage they likely fear the future. They are unsure of how to proceed. Society has programmed people to immediately hire a divorce attorney. They aren't the first hire. Many woman aren't prepared to handle all of their finanaces. Nothing to be ashamed of, it's common. The stats on women divorcing financially secure show that most are no longer secure within 5 years.

These topics and many others I can talk about and give advice on.

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Profile artwork for Nanette Murphy
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