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Mussayab Ehtesham

“Founder/CEO of DMoose. 8 Figures Ecom Seller. Health & Longevity Fanatic. Former Professional Engineer. Real Estate Investor & Futurist.”


About Me

Hello, Podcasters! I'm Mussayab Ehtesham, often known by friends and colleagues as "Moose". My journey began in the bustling streets of Pakistan, where I was born and raised in a middle-class family. This upbringing instilled in me values of hard work, resilience, and self-reliance, which later became the foundation of my entrepreneurial spirit.

I'm the visionary behind DMOOSE, an e-commerce brand that started in 2017 with a mission to support everyday athletes worldwide. Today, we're proud to be making a mark in the industry, boasting a dedicated team of over 50 and an impressive annual revenue of $15 Million. But DMOOSE isn't just about numbers; it's a testament to my belief that with the right mindset and perseverance, one can break barriers and achieve monumental success.

My background in Mechanical Engineering, combined with my experience as a Project Manager in the automotive industry, has given me a unique perspective on business, innovation, and leadership.

But my story isn't just about business success. I've faced personal challenges, like battling health issues using a holistic approach, which has given me insights into the importance of both physical and mental well-being. I emphasize the importance of mindset in achieving one's goals and the value of continuous learning and growth.

I'm a firm believer in living a balanced life. To me, family, fitness, and freedom are the keys to living a balanced and fulfilling life. Success revolves around finding the right balance between these three vital areas of life.

As an entrepreneur, investor, and motivator, I've made it my mission to help others find clarity, knowledge, and vision in their lives. I've been featured in prominent publications like World Class Performer and Authority Magazine, where I've shared my insights, experiences, and the lessons I've learned along the way.

**Why Invite Me to Your Podcast?**

1. **Diverse Experience**: From starting an e-commerce brand to investing and mentoring, my journey is filled with ups, downs, and invaluable lessons that your audience can benefit from.

2. **Balanced Life Advocate**: I'm passionate about the importance of family, fitness, and freedom in achieving a balanced life. Let's delve into how these three pillars can shape a fulfilling life.

3. **Authentic Conversations**: I believe in candid, genuine conversations. Whether it's discussing the pitfalls in the e-commerce industry or my personal health journey, I bring authenticity to every discussion.

4. **Value-Driven Approach**: My goal is to provide value, whether it's through actionable business insights, motivational stories, or discussions on mindset and growth.

I'm excited to bring my unique perspective, experiences, and insights to your podcast. Let's craft a conversation that not only engages but also inspires and educates your audience. Looking forward to connecting!

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Mussayab Ehtesham (a.k.a. Moose) is an engineer, entrepreneur, and visionary behind DMOOSE. In 2017, while seeking his own wellness solutions, Mussayab realized that there just weren’t enough tools out there for the everyday athlete. Today, his innovation, DMOOSE, supports ordinary people worldwide in creating healthy, balanced lives.

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