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Mram Elb

“A Neuroscience student, model, and Olympic weightlifting enthusiast who's fascinated by the art behind life & the genius of people.”


About Me

There are many impressive people on this site but unfortunately I'm not on the Forbes 100, I haven't cured world hunger, or treated cancer (yet). That said, as a guest, I can offer you the following:

  • Unmatched Scottish Charm (being an Edinburgh Girl who studies in Glasgow)
  • My modelling experiences (I've been signed to one of Scotland's top agencies for 4 years)
  • Having competed, I can talk about Olympic Weightlifting as a sport
  • I study Neuroscience, so if you're looking for a science nerd I'd love to geek out over it
  • Talk about my perspective/opinions on: student-life, dating and self-improvement.

I have my own podcast, so I understand what makes for exciting conversations - so if you want to get weird & go deep I'm happy to join you down that rabbit hole!

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Profile artwork for Mram Elb
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