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Mr Positive

“I write the sitcom 'Pink Is In'. The story of a poorly run women's prison administration. We are the most popular show no one has ever seen.”


About Me

I began as a musician. I was the drummer in the band Trixie Goes Hollywood. Our claim to fame is Frankie Goes To Hollywood stole our name.

Following that I became a stand-up comic touring my girlfriend got fed up eating Mac n' Cheese alone and fired me. I ended up being a house painter.

I left Canada to work in animation in the French Alps - I was studio's motion capture actor and professional espresso drinker.

Two years after working in animation I moved to London England to study comedy script writing at Thames Valley University.

If I start your podcast by holding a Starbucks Grande just know I'll talk your ear off to the point your earlobes will actually start to melt.

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Profile artwork for Mr Positive
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