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Morgana Marie

“Hi, I've been renowned for the woman with Magic Hands, touching the Bodie's and Lives of many globally with my voice, energy and legacy!”


About Me

People always say the world needs to hear what I have to say! I've always seen the world differently as I was born with Heightened Awareness, A Potent Psychic Ability and Capacity to read the energy world to help people come back to themselves and awaken their magic, gifts and creative potential!

I talk on the topics I feel the world requires such as inner healing, energy work, consciousness, body love and embracing your difference as a gift!.

I feel that through our busy schedules and lives we have become more disconnected and separated from ourselves, each other and lost our sense of belonging and truth. Most people struggle to BE Themselves yet this is the gold, the zone of genius we were born to be and can truly have it all. We don't need to suffer to exist, have to learn the hard way, push or force our reality into being. We can move beyond mediocre and live a miraculous and meaningful life. We always have choice to choose greater, love ourselves more and claim our inherent knowing for a joyful, expansive, prosperous and blissful life.

I am changemaker and visionary and I'll keep sharing my message to inspire others and uplift humanity and beyond.

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Advanced Energy Healer, Wellbeing Advocate, Confidence Coach For Talented and Passionate Creatives

Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, Energy Healing, Energy Healer, Theta Healing, Inner child work, Reiki Healing, Access Bars,

Morgana Marie

Welcome I am Morgana Marie, Wellbeing Advocate, Divine Feminine Activator, Advanced Energy Healer and Confidence Coach for High Achieving Creatives. I work with high achieving professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs who are committed to embracing their difference, standing out as themselves with confidence and shining their light. I guide you into Being Your Own Muse. I show you how to release your biggest blocks to creative success, happiness and fulfilment in your soul purpose so you can create the life you desire, manifest and align to all your dreams with ease whilst integrating practical tools into your daily life for consistent expansion as an ambitious creative and voice of change. Welcome to a Revolution of Divine Feminine Business, Awakening Your Creatrix Identity and Receiving All Great Things!

Morgana Marie

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Profile artwork for Morgana Marie
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