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MJ Wolfe

“MJ Wolfe is an actor, spokesperson, and the host of "The Wolfe Den Show" on YouTube with over 10K subscribers and growing FAST!!!”


About Me

MJ was an actor in Los Angeles from 2002 to 2009, where he appeared as Cary Grant in Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator, the Faberge Egg Expert in Oceans 12, as well as in principal SAG-AFTRA speaking roles opposite Tom Cruise (Collateral), Brad Pitt (Mr. & Mrs. Smith), and Tim Allen (The Shaggy Dog). Interestingly, MJ was also the top-earning "male hand model" in Los Angeles, where he worked on hundreds of TV commercials and print ads. MJ and his family moved to Colorado in 2010 and he still pursues acting from his home in Colorado and he even won “Best Actor” at the Los Angeles Film Awards and the London FLICKS Film Festival in 2021 for his work on The Wolf Delivers, a short film which he wrote, starred in, and helped produce. MJ has been a spokesperson on Fiverr since 2011 and currently makes $20,000/month on the platform, and in total he has earned over $870,000 on the site. (Can show proof in an interview) MJ and his editor produce ads, TV commercials, UGC content, newscasts and much more - ALL from his home studio! MJ now hosts a growing YouTube interview show called "The Wolfe Den Show" and it has been gaining popularity very quickly!

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Profile artwork for MJ Wolfe
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