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Miranda LaBant

“Through naturopathic medicine, I believe the body has the innate ability to be healthy and self-regulate when given the right direction.”


About Me

Dr. Miranda LaBant, NMD, graduated from the National University of Health Sciences in Illinois. After receiving her doctorate in naturopathic medicine, she moved to Kailua Kona, Hawaii, and completed a CNME accredited residency in integrative oncology under the direction of Dr. Michael Traub, ND. Dr. LaBant’s practice combines the best of naturopathic philosophy and conventional medicine to help her patients achieve and maintain optimal health safely and naturally. She believes in the key principle of naturopathic medicine—the body has the innate ability to healthy and self-regulate when given the right direction. It is this mentality that she puts forth when working together with patients and empowering them to realize better health. Using clinical expertise and focused laboratory data, Dr. LaBant is determined to uncover the underlying factors contributing to illness and help patients re-establish health and function on all levels rather than just suppressing symptoms.

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Dr. Miranda LaBant, NMD | Holistic Cancer Doctor

Dr. LaBant is a naturopathic medical doctor that specializes in the holistic treatment of cancer with non-toxic natural cancer treatment options. She specializes in integrative oncology, lyme disease, and autoimmune diseases.

Profile artwork for Miranda LaBant
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