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Mike Cassidy

“Expert Boudoir Photographer: Empowering Your Audience To Make Smart Choices When Shopping For Their Wedding Boudoir Photographer”


About Me

Mike Cassidy is a boudoir photographer from New Jersey who is passionate about both photography and helping his clients to remain invested in themselves. While his clients receive an incredible experience and beautiful one-of-a-kind photos, the real service he provides is the joy and heart filling experience every time his images are viewed. Mike learned long ago, there is a lot more to boudoir photography than what immediately meets the eye, and it’s this ability to make women feel unique and beautiful which is the real reward in operating a boudoir business.

Mike started over fifteen years ago, and has photographed hundreds of women. Throughout the course of guiding these clients through the boudoir process, Mike discovered there were way too many women who lacked accurate information about boudoir, and even worse, some had less than satisfactory experiences with previous photographers due to this issue. He knew he needed to take action. Mike has become an advocate and resource of “real” authentic information about boudoir photography to help others make smart choices when choosing a photographer, so everyone can enjoy boudoir and have a positive experience.

Retail Talking Points:

  • All about bridal boudoir photography.
  • The smart way to shop For A Boudoir Photographer.
  • Why choosing a cheap photography may be your biggest mistake.
  • Is boudoir photography getting "wilder?"

Photography Business Talking Points:

  • Being a male boudoir photographer.
  • Growing a boudoir photography business.
  • Positioning your business in a crowded marketplace.
  • Steps to becoming a high end boudoir photographer.
  • I've just bought a camera on Amazon, and signed up for a website...I'm a pro photographer now, right?


  • Instagram: 30K
  • YouTube: 800 watch hrs/month
  • Website: +1M Impressions/3mos.

Discover More

Mike Cassidy Boudoir Photography | New Jersey | Ocean & Monmouth County

Amazing NJ boudoir photography for all occasions focusing on beauty with just hint of sexy. Visit to see why HUNDREDS have chosen Mike. Serving Ocean and Monmouth County, NJ.

Mike Cassidy

Unlock the secrets of captivating boudoir photography with New Jersey photographer Mike Cassidy. Transformative experiences and expert advice await! 📸 Welcome to a world where boudoir photography is not just a session, but a joyful, empowering journey. Whether you're a client seeking a memorable shoot or a photographer aiming for success, there's something here for you. For Clients: Get tips on enjoying your boudoir session and choosing the right photographer. It's all about celebrating you in a fun, empowering way. For Photographers: Learn how to blend superb photography with unforgettable client experiences. I share insights on business growth and standing out in the boudoir field. What's Inside: Tips for clients to maximize their boudoir experience. Business insights for photographers. Regular uploads on boudoir trends and discussions. Join Our Community: 💬 Subscribe and turn on notifications. Let's celebrate the art of boudoir photography together!

Profile artwork for Mike Cassidy
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