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Michael Reinhart

“Explorer and Inspirational speaker specializing in resilience and critical decision making in high stress/ adverse consequence situations.”


About Me

Michael J. Reinhart


Stories and lessons learned from a life time of travel and adventure.

Inspirational speaker specializing in leadership resilience and critical decision making in high stress/ adverse consequence situations.

Explorer, Adventure Photographer and the host of the podcast Whiskey and a Map.

Michael travels to the world’s wild places to experience the people, cultures and wildlife that live there and bring back their stories. His travels have taken him into the jungles of Borneo and Cambodia, the highlands of Guatemala, across Europe, and among the villages of Kenya. Whether it is a remote Mayan village in Southern Mexico or the streets of Istanbul, Michael possesses an ability to connect with people bridging cultural differences and finding common understanding and respect.

The highly rated podcast Whiskey and a Map hosted by Michael features stories of adventure and exploration as told by those who lived them. Through these interviews with some of the world’s best adventurers, Michael has gained insight into the making of a successful expedition leader.

“I really enjoyed doing this podcast and think it is among the best I've ever done. Michael Reinhart is a patient and perceptive interviewer ...” Tim Cahill, adventure writer & co-founder of Outside Magazine

A rare combination of leadership experience in both government and expeditions, Michael has earned a reputation for being cool in the face of a crises. His leadership highlights include:

· Presiding Judge overseeing the Court’s recovery after the Covid Pandemic.

· Team captain/chief navigator of the Adventure Racing team that won the Four Winds Adventure Racing Series.

· American Alpine Institutes Alpine Mountaineering and Technical Leadership course

· Establishing field medical clinics, clean water projects and school improvement projects for an NGO in the Alta Vera Paz region of Guatemala.

· Assisting an NGO in running temporary dental clinics in rural Kenya.

· Board member of the United Way Kings County.

· President of Rotary Club of Hanford.

· Chief Deputy of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office overseeing all operations.

· Lead prosecutor in a case against an international motorcycle gang successfully obtaining the first conviction of its kind under the state’s criminal street gang statutes.

An interest in solving local historical mysteries and legends, Michael has shared these investigations:

· The Mayan Wa'tasink

In person presentation of my eye witness account of the ancient Mayan purification ritual.

· Experiences and Lessons Learned in the Jungles of Guatemala

In person presentation of the challenges of working in difficult environments.

· Confederate Raiders in California

In person presentation on the forgotten history of Southern Confederate Raiders operating in California during the Civil War.

And published articles:

· On the Trail of the Water Witch

My search for and discovery of the lost ship wreck Water Witch.

Lost Treasure Magazine

· The Taking of Kingston

An account of the raid by Tiburcio Vasquez and his gang on the small town of Kingston in 1873. Lost Treasure Magazine

Michael is a former Adventure Racer and mountaineer. He became a certified scuba diver at the young age of 13 and now holds rescue diver qualifications. He has dived on reefs, wrecks and in kelp bed forests in many of the world’s oceans. His passions run deep with the sea and in the high mountains and it is there where he feels most at home.

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Michael J. Reinhart

Stories of adventure and exploration from the world's wild places.

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