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“Michael O’Neal is founder of Reform Health & Performance, the premier integral strength and endurance training facility of Birmingham, AL”


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Michael O’Neal is founder of Reform Health & Performance, the premier integral strength and endurance training facility of Birmingham, Alabama. After playing for the University of Alabama and Samford University football teams, O’Neal brought his firsthand performance and recovery experiences to a career as a licensed massage therapist and later gym owner to help struggling individuals find personalized and at times counterintuitive paths to healing and optimal health.

The sustainable health and fitness system that helps you live stronger and longer (and that takes less than you think)

The health industry has a problem: noise. For every second opinion on what ails you and what to do about it, there’s a third option. Then a fourth and a fifth and more. Some specialists advise expensive surgery and months of rehab; others outside the mainstream suggest a few adjustments, maybe a different diet, and time in the gym. Who’s right? They all can’t be. Or can they? Does it depend? Depend on what? When you’re in pain, you just want to know what to do to get back to baseline. But that doesn’t seem possible when every expert and their domains have an opinion, and some of them will surely make your situation worse, not better.

Forest for the Trees cuts through the noise. Personal trainer, massage therapist, and former Division I student-athlete Michael O’Neal states the obvious: Each health specialization is, to its own experts, the answer, the solution. Each offers a diagnosis and a prognosis. But total body health is a forest, and we miss the possible paths to patient success when we pick one tree out of the many. Forest for the Trees calls for a new, integrated approach to improved health, peak performance, and quality of life with longevity.

Combining the science of human movement, functional strength training, endurance exercise essentials, ancestral nutrition, mental health, and alternative practices, O’Neal offers industry professionals and solution seekers alike a way to find the right answer for your unique situation. And it’s probably not going to be this or that but all of the above and in this order.

Forest for the Trees is the urgent read for orthopedic surgeons, family doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, mental healthcare professionals, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, fitness instructors, chiropractors, and any other health services providers who want to help patients get and stay pain-free.

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Reform Health & Performance

At Reform Health & Performance, the best gym in Birmingham, Alabama, we build strong bodies. We'll help you make a plan to hit your health and fitness goals.

Profile artwork for Michael O'Neal
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