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“Embark On A Transformative Journey With M2 The Rock, As He Redefines Rock Bottom. Michael Molthan Is An Incredible Motivational Speaker.”


About Me

Welcome to the world of recovery, transformation, and personal growth with M2 the Rock, also known as Michael Molthan. As a prominent and captivating figure in the realm of self-improvement, M2 the Rock brings a unique blend of wisdom and authenticity.

What sets Michael Molthan - M2 The Rock's story apart is the realization that there wasn't just one rock bottom; there were many. And from those challenging moments, he emerged stronger and more determined than ever. Today, he leverages his personal experiences and magnetic, relatable personality to inspire others to embark on their own transformative journeys. Michael Molthan - M2 The Rock is proof that even in the darkest of times, one can find a path to fulfillment and purpose, using rock bottom as a steppingstone rather than an endpoint.

Michael Molthan's mission is to raise the meaning of “Rock Bottom” for everyone by rebuilding the “Spirit, Mind, and Body”. When this is “Out of Order” our life is full of chaos and confusion.

Michael Molthan doesn't shy away from talking about his painful past of trauma, drug, alcohol, and work addiction. On his talk show called, M2 The ROCK, he shares how he went from building luxury homes to being homeless.

Michael Molthan finally hit rock bottom. Drugs. Alcohol, and crime. And absolute chaos. He accumulated 27 mugshots in four years and was about to enter a place he swore he would never go: prison. Addiction was Michael’s temporary solution to heal from a dark childhood trauma secret. Little did he know that being imprisoned and reading and writing for inmates that could not set him free.

Michael is the host of M2 THE ROCK, a popular podcast and show that dives into the topics of trauma, process addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction, parental education/intervention, addiction education, codependency, enabling, 12-Step Programs, religious trauma, sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, self-sabotaging, and spirituality.

Michael’s main message is simple and profound: “That We Are All Addicts”.

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M2 the Rock

Raising the meaning of rock bottom.

M2 THE ROCK - Michael Molthan

MICHAEL MOLTHAN - M2 THE ROCK | CHARISMATIC SPEAKER | WE ARE ALL ADDICTS Leaving aside the drink & drug question, Michael Molthan - M2 The Rock shares why living was so unsatisfactory. Today, Michael Molthan - M2 share’s and show that the consciousness of the Presence of Jesus Christ is today the most important fact of his life, M2 present’s a powerful reason why one should have faith. “I have been given a life I don’t deserve. A life I never expected, designed, or wanted”. -Michael Molthan - M2 As a result of being forgiving, grateful, and finally accepting his role in the trauma that he received, Michael Molthan can help others by sharing the supernatural experience he received and is still receiving as a result of true forgiveness.


M2 The ROCK, Dallas, TX. 22,412 likes · 4,505 talking about this. INSPIRATIONAL MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER

M2 THE ROCK - Michael Molthan

Listen to M2 THE ROCK - Michael Molthan on Spotify. The mission of M2 The Rock is to transform the manner in which society treats addiction and mental health disorders by raising the meaning of “rock bottom.” M2 The Rock Services offers a wide range of support for both addicts and their families with specialized counselors to help aid in the recovery of addicts, alcoholics, and those suffering with mental health issues. EVERYONE IS AN ADDICT:Whether grappling with substance addiction or battling everyday distractions, every individual faces the internal struggle between seeking comfort and pursuing personal growth. M2 the Rock is dedicated to inspiring individuals to break free from life-shattering addictions and everyday obstacles, empowering them to embrace their true potential and live their best lives. Through donations, we can provide scholarships to addicts for counseling and intensive outpatient programs. FAMILY MATTERS:Behind closed doors, families agonize over the well-being of their loved ones caught in the grip of addiction. These family members endure a similar sense of isolation and helplessness that is often overlooked by the addiction community. M2 the Rock recognizes the importance of providing resources and support to these family members, enabling them to find their own path to recovery and create a peaceful existence alongside their loved one's journey. “Everyone has their chosen book, everyone has their chosen god, but everyone has a family and you don’t get to choose those.” Supporting families through donations allows them to receive scholarships to counseling services. To book Michael Molthan please email [email protected] or visit our website at M2 The Rock

Michael Molthan - Confessions of a Felon

#iamsecond @M2TheRockShow Michael’s story is SO powerful- one of redemption, freedom from addiction, and of God making a way where it didn’t seem like there ...


Michael Molthan - M2 The ROCK shares a powerful message on Good Morning Texas WFAA on how he overcame his hurdles. #wfaa #overcome #m2therock #hope #addiction


MICHAEL MOLTHAN - M2 THE ROCK | CHARISMATIC SPEAKER | WE ARE ALL ADDICTSLeaving aside the drink & drug question, Michael Molthan - M2 The Rock shares why liv...

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