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Michael Glover

“Marketing at ConvertFlow. I talk about how we help ecommerce brands to increase conversions, AOV, and revenue.”


About Me

I've been marketing SaaS solutions to ecommerce brands for 5+ years. Firstly, at a company called Veeqo (acquired by Amazon), before moving on to ConvertFlow. We've worked with brands like Nectar Sleep, Dropps, Camping World, Valyou Furniture, Undersun Fitness, and more to improve conversions and drive more revenue per session with our software.

Happy to talk about:

  • Our philosophy on ecommerce/DTC funnel building
  • Tactics for generating more ecommerce revenue per session
  • Using quizzes to recommend products and collect first-party data
  • Ways to use popups for driving revenue, rather than just capturing emails
  • How to increase LTV with on-site campaigns personalized for different shopper segments

Away from ecommerce, I also have first-hand experience in:

  • SaaS marketing
  • B2B SEO
  • B2B demand generation

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Profile artwork for Michael Glover
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