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Michael Furey

“Could we partner up, and make your podcast awesome? I promise to be a fun, inspiring guest with new insights on developing future leaders.”


About Me

Good news - this was not written by ChatGPT.

This was all written by me. Short,, concise and probably some typos too! Lets gooooo......

There are undiscovered, exceptional leaders everywhere. If you run a podcast - you're probably one of them.

The lead a company on a mission to build the world's most effective first-time leader training for infrastructure and construction.

And I want to help your audience level up their skills.

When I'm a guest on your podcast I realise that I'm there to serve you.

How can I help you deliver value?

How can we communicate in a way where your audience are so inspired they share the work you are spending so much time on.

My specialty topics are:

+ helping people uncover their hidden leadership talents which can transform their business and capabilities

+ building training which people LOVE

+ help people confront uncomfortable truths, which will level up their performance

I'm a brief and succinct kinda guy. If you have questions - I'd love to chat to you.

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Profile artwork for Michael Furey
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