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Michael Devous

“Making Fear Your Friend - New Born Podcaster & Entrepreneur on a relentless pursuit to understand how fear impacts and shapes our lives.”


About Me

40yrs overcoming tragedy & obstacles! 20+ yrs as an entertainment entrepreneur! Now, I am shifting gears to pursue Making Fear Your Friend on a new podcast The Fearless Road. Some would say I have had a unique relationship with fear all my life. Having overcome many difficult, challenging and tragic events, I came to realize that I was using fear differently than most people. I wanted to know how and why I was accomplishing this. So I am setting out to seek answers, interview the fear-less and share our stories. I want to share my discoveries and empower others to do the same. I want to discover and remind us that making fear a tool in your life, can change us from paralyzed to prolific. By re-framing how we perceive fear we can achieve incredible shifts in our personal, professional and organizational thinking. I love engaging conversations about the entrepreneurial spirit and journey. All things Food and Cooking. Entertainment and really geek out on Sci Fi.

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Profile artwork for Michael Devous
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