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Michael Dargie

“A creative professional who specializes in brand strategy, sports a spiffy right-hemisphere and an insatiable desire to push limits.”


About Me

Parent, entrepreneur, creative professional, producer, artist, musician, actor, improviser, writer, director, host and emcee.

I produce and hosts two podcasts: The 'RebelRebel for Creative Rebels and Entrepreneurs'; and 'Dropbear and Panda Save the World (podcast of destiny)' along with my partner in crime, Jenn MacLean. Both podcasts have been nominated for several Canadian Podcast Awards over the years. Most recently 'Dropbear and Panda' was nominated in the 'People's Choice Podcast Awards', along with Amy Schumer and Kevin Bacon—neither of us won.

My company, 'Make More Creative,' specializes in helping companies find, shape, and share their story using a methodology I created called BrandJitsu™. We do end-to-end brand development, deployment, and strategy.

I'm a company member at the world-famous Loose Moose Theatre Company and am an emerging stand-up comedian, cornering the market in obscure aquatic animal comedy.

To round things out, I'm a blackbelt in Japanese jujitsu, an advanced scuba diver, a championship cart racer, and a motorcycle expert.

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Adventure at every turn. Welcome to my website. My name is Michael Dargie, I'm an entrepreneur, designer, writer, director, educator, adventurer, speaker, podcast host, filmmaker, and storyteller. That might seem like a lot of things, but it's what I do. Over

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