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Micah Bravery

“Author & Host of These Fukken Feelings Podcast©! We are a top ten Mental Health podcast ranking #186 in all podcast on Apple Podcast.”


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Introducing the renowned author of "Love Beyond The Battle," Micah Bravery, a multifaceted creator, producer, and host who has made a significant impact in the world of mental health and wellness. With his exceptional skills in podcast production, he has carved a niche for himself with his highly popular podcast, "These Fukken Feelings Podcast."

Through "These Fukken Feelings Podcast," Micah delves deep into the realm of mental health, providing insightful and informative discussions on various topics related to psychological well-being. Drawing from his own experiences and expertise, he engages his listeners in thought-provoking conversations that explore the complexities of the human mind and the challenges people face in their daily lives.

As a testament to his talent and dedication, Micah's podcast has achieved remarkable success, consistently ranking among the top 25 in the health and fitness category and reaching an impressive number 10 spot in the mental health category. As of today, it has further climbed the ranks to #21 in the health and fitness category and an outstanding #6 in the mental health category.

Micah's passion for mental health shines through in the content he creates, resonating deeply with his loyal and ever-growing audience. His honest and relatable approach to discussing mental health issues has garnered him a dedicated following of listeners who appreciate his genuine commitment to the cause.

Beyond the podcasting realm, Micah Bravery has become a recognized figure within the mental health community due to his unwavering dedication to promoting mental health awareness. His efforts have not only inspired countless individuals but also served as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to improve their mental well-being.

In summary, Micah Bravery is a highly skilled creator, producer, and host whose passion for mental health and wellness has elevated "These Fukken Feelings Podcast" to its top-ranked status. With each episode, he continues to inspire and educate his audience, leaving a positive impact on the lives of many and driving the conversation on mental health forward.

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Micah Bravery

Micah Bravery. 4,621 likes · 170 talking about this. Micah Bravery: "These Fukken Feelings" podcast creator & advocate for mental health.

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These Fukken Feelings Podcast©

We created These Fukken Feelings Podcast to be a practical, relatable and somtimes humourous guide for anyone who is struggling with emotional challenges. Our goal is to help people understand that it's okay to feel overwhelmed and that there are healthy ways to cope with difficult emotions. We believe that everyone can benefit from support and guidance, and we're proud to offer that through our podcast. -Micah Bravery These Fukken Feelings Podcast" is a mental health advocacy podcast that provides a safe space for individuals to discuss their personal experiences with mental health issues. It is important to note that the podcast is not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. If you are feeling at risk of harming yourself or others, we urge you to immediately seek help by contacting your local emergency services. It is important to find a safe place and seek professional assistance. Remember, there is no shame in seeking help for mental health issues.

Profile artwork for Micah Bravery
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