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Mia Smithson

“After having me as a guest, your community will feel empowered & encouraged to negotiate for their business worth.”


About Me

Business 👩‍💼

-CEO & Founder of The $30K Program™ 

-Empowers women to get higher-paying jobs they ADORE by teaching them how to effectively package skills and strategically negotiate with confidence 

-The results? Women in our program increase their income by $30K+ within 12 coaching sessions (3-6 months). 

Corporate Experience 🌍

-Passionate Global Director, Talent Management with 7+ years of experience helping top tech companies hire, grow, and retain extraordinary talent. 

-Led leadership development for 100+ hiring managers.

-Interviewed 5,000+ tech professionals (225,000 min interviewing).

-Developed and executed a Global Workforce & Learning Strategy for a SaaS brand with 800+ people in 7 countries.

Professional Development 👩‍🎓

-Yale’s Science Of Well-Being 

-Harvard Business School’s Advanced Certification In Negotiation 

(2023, Q3 Completion) 

Fun 💃🏻

-Cauliflower rice connoisseur 

-Obsessed with salsa dancing

-San Francisco is home 

I love helping people get their dream jobs and effectively negotiate WITHOUT leaving money 💰 on the table. Looking forward to meeting you!

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Profile artwork for Mia Smithson
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