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Melanie Golding

“I'm a singer-songwriter with extensive experience in the music industry. I'm now a counsellor working with new artists on the rise to fame”


About Me

I've invested 30+ years of my life in the music industry. I started professionally at the age of 12 in the Canary Islands. I worked and lived with multi-award winner record producer Mike Myers who was responsible for my debut album back in 1997. I also met Phil Ramone and Mike Appel who wanted to sign me back in the day. Years on, I worked with successful producer-writer George De Angelis when I was in a rock band called Rime. Prior to that, Brinsley Forde of Aswad managed me and introduced me to Tony Delaney. Together we wrote the album 'Miracle'. I have made several albums as a solo artist under different pseudonyms at the time - they are now all under my name on Spotify.

I understand fully what it is to be an artist in the making and to experience the drawbacks of the music industry. Politics and finances are usually at the core of the struggles.

In 2008, I turned away from the music industry and entered the field of psychotherapy; I qualified with a degree in counselling in 2012. I have been working with young people ever since. I continue as an active artist as my passion for music never died and I firmly believe 'never give up on your dreams.

My passion for researching and promoting upcoming musicians was a path I stumbled on. My podcasts allow the opportunity to express what I see as united views from an artist's perspective. I believe in encouraging the voices of young vulnerable musicians who can express themselves through their music. I enjoy promoting people who believe in their dreams and strive to make a difference in the world. I have spoken to amazing souls to this day. Together we are networking for the greater good.

My memoir book took me over ten years to write! (Total procrastination!) It's called "Facing My Own Music" (by Melanie P. Golding) and is now available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

As a singer-songwriter, I come from a place of true empathy when speaking to fellow artists. I am intuitive and my purpose is to be here now.

I believe everybody has a story, and it is healing to tell it, don't let your life be the best-kept secret!

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Profile artwork for Melanie Golding
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