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Mayowa Ajisafe

“Founder/CEO @ TheBookCot. Entrepreneur for 11 years. I LOVE talking book publishing and podcasting for credibility, authority, and leads.”


About Me

Hi... I'm Mayowa Ajisafe!

I'm an entrepreneur, tried and tested! Feel free to book me to talk about my journey, podcasting, book publishing, and its benefits for entrepreneurs or anything startup/business/marketing related!

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Quick Bio..

Over the past 11 years, I've built multiple online businesses, mostly in the self-publishing, podcasting, and e-commerce space (current ventures include, The Six Figure Entrepreneur, and The Six Figure Podcast) plus a waking up to be the best husband to my lovely wife - Blessing.

Want to chat with me on your podcast?

...Please slide into my DM's! 😆

Believe it or not, I've only had a job in my life for just 8 months. I quit in July 2012 without any safety net and without a specific plan of what to do.

I started my first business in August 2012, a self-publishing blog where I share my journey of becoming an author and a podcast where I share my stories and experience getting my dream job in two weeks without applying.

That blog was rebranded to Authors Crib a year later, and that set me up for the beginning of my career and life as a book and self-publishing coach, one I happily love for years.

I later tried my hand at eCommerce, and I was able to build a 6-figure-a-month eCom store in the beauty and home appliances niche.

So... I'm able to talk enthusiastically about self-publishing, podcasting, startups, marketing, and about my entrepreneurial journey and business experiences!

My passions include helping people grow their businesses using a combo of published book and a podcast. I am a happy husband, to an amazing 9 to 5 kind of women.
I love writing, reading and playing monopoly (in that order). Plus listen to a lot of music and I have the lyrics of over 1500 songs in my head!

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Profile artwork for Mayowa Ajisafe
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