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Max Miller

“Host of Bob's Credits - the popular Bob's Burgers podcast, ex-child actor (Fresh Prince, Boy Meets World), and pop culture obsessive.”


About Me

I am an experienced podcast host and content creator with a large social media following and enthusiasm for all things entertainment. I absolutely love TV and film, especially horror, and can be super nerdy when it comes to theme parks.

My podcast Bob's Credits is strictly about Bob's Burgers, so I would love to branch out on other podcasts to chat about so many of the other things I love. Prior to Bob's Credits, I hosted a podcast called Credits Score which was a podcast devoted to entertaining opening and end credits from tv shows and movies. Feel free to check either of the podcasts out to get a sense of my style and sense of humor.

I'd be super excited and honored to guest on your podcast.

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Profile artwork for Max Miller
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