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Matthew Giannino

“I was a pro runner who retired to trade. 3 years of struggling in the markets I finally reach consistency through a variety of strategies.”


About Me

I graduated college as a mechanical engineer and decided to pursue professional running. While running I was able to accomplish my lifelong goal of a sub 4 (converted mile). Running this fast is something only 700 Americans have ever done. This takes a tremendous amount of luck, training, and genetics.

Three years in I got extremely injured and had a string of bone fractures. This pushed me into trading and entrepreneurism. Since then I run a business focused on options trading and manage our brand Market Moves.

My history of trading and investing has led to some incredible returns from a variety of strategies (proof can be verified]:

  1. $6k to $40k trading options
  2. Investing into Bitcoin at $3,000
  3. $40-$200k Selling Options
  4. My first $100,000 Paycheck

I show these results to not brag and pretend this is normal but to show what I’ve learned and the highs from it. The stock market is an incredible opportunity for all but figuring out how to take advantage of it is the question we all need to sit with.

From all my years trading the stock market I have tried to gather my best lessons learned, setups, mistakes made, and more into the books below.

  1. Nearly Bulletproof Setups | 29 Stock Market Trading Strategies
  2. Nearly Recessionproof Setups | 21 Stock Market Trading Strategies for a Bear Market
  3. Nearly Bulletproof Setups RELOADED | 19 Stock Market Trading Strategies
  4. Stock Market Mistakes | I had to learn before profiting

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Profile artwork for Matthew Giannino
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