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Matthew Fisher

“Hi, I'm Matt, I'm an Entrepreneur, Data Scientist, Engineer, Investor/Trader and ex-CERN physicist who has started 4 companies.”


About Me

I'm available to discuss a WIDE range of topics which I have deep expertise in. Some highlights:

  1. CO-Founder of 3 AI companies and one Electric Vehicle Charging Company
  2. Data Scientist for over 14 years, working at Startups as well as Intel
  3. Stock Trader and Investor for over 14 years, VC investing for about 5 years
  4. Ex CERN PhD Physicist working on the CMS experiment to help discover the Higgs Boson decaying to B-quarks
  5. Deep Knowledge and Experience in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Web/Mobile App Design (Frontend and Backend)

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