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Matt Morstad

“Let's Get Sh!t Done A father and his kids, on a mission to be more productive by thinking objectively, rationally and critically.”


About Me

Matt Morstad, the Founder of GSD Nation and dynamic host of the "Programming Lions" podcast, exemplifies both courage and dedication. Matt made a career out of solving complex and tricky problems. Frustrated with the broad trend of complacency and growing apathy among corporate leaders, he chose to exit the corporate world and security of a 7-figure salary to embark on a unique journey inspiring and educating people through his social media platform, GSD Nation. Matt thrives to foster critical thinking skills in his children and his audience while tackling various contentious issues with empathy and curiosity to build a more productive self.

The "Programming Lions" podcast, started by this father with his children, is more than just a platform for dialogue—it's promoting growth, wellness, and productive habits. With a unique combination of conservative viewpoints and compassionate narratives, Matt strives to empower his audience, helping them navigate through our world today.

A resident of Phoenix, Arizona, Matt enjoys quality time with his family, fitness, and golf. He warmly welcomes opportunities to guest star on other podcasts, where he can candidly discuss current issues, and aims to cultivate a generation of objective, rational, and critical thinkers ready to tackle the nation's most significant challenges and Get Sh!t Done.

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GSD Nation

Commentary | Satire | Podcast Welcome to GSD Nation, a movement started by a father and his kids, on a mission to build more producers by thinking objectively, rationally and critically. We break down complex topics and engage with all ages, encouraging ways to become a more productive member of society and Get Sh!t Done. ---- *Disclaimer: This channel is not labeled as "kids content". While we have kids in segments, please review with children at your discretion as some topics may be more mature in nature.

Programming Lions

Listen to Programming Lions on Spotify. Welcome to the Programming Lions podcast. Designed to give voice to the thoughts of the young and guide parents on a journey of upholding conservative values while managing the complexities of the world around us. We understand the difficulties in navigating the ever-changing landscape of our nation, corporations and younger generations. If you value principles, accountability, and common sense, and would like to raise your children embracing these traits, then this podcast is for you. Join us on this journey as we shape our children into the next generation of patriots: a pride of doers that will lead the future with strength, confidence, and a sense of responsibility.----Video versions on Youtube*Disclaimer:  This channel is not labeled as "kids content".  While we have kids in segments, please review

Profile artwork for Matt Morstad
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