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Matson Breakey

“Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker, Writer, Land Use Advocate... full of questionable advice, debatable opinions, and [mostly] true stories.”


About Me

Matson is a serial entrepreneur, recovering graphic designer, father forever-in-training and a once addicted adventurer who considers an episode of Survivorman to be part of his doctoral studies of living every day to the fullest. From hiking the Pacific Crest Trail to founding the world famous West Coast Brew Fest, Matson loves the outdoors and bringing together people for nothing less than the time of their lives!

As Co-Founder and VP Marketing & Sales at Metalcloak, a successful B2C Manufacture of aftermarket parts for Jeep, Bronco and Ram trucks, Matson has developed a reputation as MetalCloak's designated Jeep Abuser.

Matson held his first job at 8 years old, cleaning the small private school that his mom helped run. From those early beginnings to babysitting at 9, a first paper route at 10, busboy at 11 and gas station attendant or restaurant go to guy throughout the rest of his school years, Matson embraced doing a great job for great customers and applied that to every one of his businesses since.

From Graphic Design to Government Consulting Matson has spent most of his adult life working for himself.

In 2000 Matson Co-Founded the world famous West Coast Brew Fest, the second of it's kind in the Northern California region helping to spark the micro and craft brew revolution that has transformed the beer-centric landscape of the last 20 years.

in 2009, Matson Co-Founded Armored Works, LLC, (dba Metalcloak) a direct to consumer manufacturer of aftermarket parts for the off road enthusiast. That year they had 3 parts and a 2000 sq ft space. Today Metalcloak has over 1400 SKUs and operates out of a 70,000 sq ft space in Rancho Cordova, California.

Matson is founder and Co-Host of the ModernJeeper Show, a loose format podcast focused on the off road industry and the outdoor lifestyle, which just celebrated it's 200th Episode.

Matson has appeared on various media formats including live radio, live television and interview podcasts.

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Profile artwork for Matson Breakey
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