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Mary Baxter

“Through positive intuition we flow with our inner wisdom, the part of us that knows our intended life path and guides us.”


About Me

Hi! I'm Dr. Mary Baxter. I am enthusiastic about sharing the power we can have in our lives when we combine our positive intuition with rational, logical ways of thinking and making decisions. 

I’ve worked as an Intuitive Consultant and reader of the Akashic Records for about 25 years. Back then, in a time of many troubles, one of those dark nights of the soul, I had a “reading” that totally changed my perspective. From this I learned to use my intuition in an organized, rational manner, as this was how I learned to read the Records.

Now, this doesn’t mean my life necessarily looks organized and rational from the outside, but what I am interested in is the inner life, the intended life. The why we are here life. The leader in each of us, accessing the leader within. I found I could do this through intuition. My Master’s Degree is in Transformative Leadership from CIIS, California Institute of Integral Studies focused on finding the leader within through intuition. 

Most often the biggest block to being who we really are is worrying what someone else will think of us. A need to be liked that is greater than liking ourselves. Or a fear of losing someone if they find out who we really are. I think if you want an authentic life, one that is really your own, to fulfill your purpose for living, it is not going to suit everyone in your life. At least that is my experience. It helps to get okay with that.

A major part of my work these days is teaching people how to use their intuition in a semi-structured way to receive guidance, answers to their questions any time they want to. From regular matters like scheduling the day, to more complex situations like a child having difficulties at school.

There are a few obstacles that may occur once we undertake the task to be ourselves in this way. Worry, anxiety and fear are high on that list. It is very difficult to think clearly in these states of mind, let alone wisely. So we have to learn how to calm and center ourselves relatively quickly, especially in dramatic situations. 

Then there is doubt. Always the doubt. We get an “intuitive hit” seemingly out of nowhere, or we receive a clear answer to a question through a bio-feedback technique like muscle testing. And then we doubt it. What if it’s wrong? What if it’s just me influencing the whole thing? So we work with the doubt. 

What is really interesting to me with intuition is how we are using it all the time, while not thinking about it much at all. All we really need to do is tune in.


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Profile artwork for Mary Baxter
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